Founded in 2009 as outdoor LED luminaire technology was becoming commercially viable, GreenStar Products, Inc. is a multinational USA-based company with offices in San Antonio, Texas and New Delhi, India.

At GreenStar, we are focused on designing, testing and producing highly advanced and robust LED luminaires for the commercial, industrial and public sectors around the world. Our products are thoughtfully designed to offer exceptional performance while maximizing the entire value chain from raw material suppliers to the end customer.

GreenStar is a Veteran and Minority owned certified business, well positioned to support our network of representatives and distributors across the Americas, Caribbean, Europe, Africa and India. Our entire team is dedicated to delivering outstanding quality, innovative product lines, and excellent customer service.


Greenstar LED is a cut above the rest.

Specification Grade Products

All of our products incorporate components from recognized and certified industry leading suppliers.

USA Based Manufacturer

Our Luminaries are assembled from start to finish and shipped from our facility in San Antonio, TX to locations all over the world.

Excellent Customer Service

We are proud of our customer service commitment – to provide technical service both before and after the sale.

Guaranteed Delivery Times

GreenStar strives to deliver best in class lead times and up to date communication to ensure the end customer receives their order when agreed upon.