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GreenStar Products Inc.

Founded in 2009 in Boerne, TX just outside of San Antonio, GreenStar LED is a global manufacturer of specification-grade street and roadway lighting with over 1 million global installations.


GreenStar Founding:

In 2008, Founder and CEO, Paul Duran was working to better the inside lighting of his refrigerated/frozen truck body business.  He had issues keeping the lights working in such cold temperatures.  During his research into LED lighting, he instantly realized that light emitting diodes (LEDs) were soon going to become the future of lighting.  They could provide significant energy savings, reliability and long life compared to existing incandescent lighting and work well in very extreme environments. In looking around San Antonio at night and the lighting lining the streets, he quickly realized that cities would see the future was in LEDs and would be making the transition from high-pressure sodium lights to LEDs as soon as they realized the energy savings that would be achieved by converting.  As a serial entrepreneur, in 2009 he founded GreenStar Products Inc. and GreenStar India R&D (GSRD). He tasked his team of engineers to develop a new cobra head style LED street light that would save cities money and also improve the quality of their lighting.

In 2011, GreenStar Products was able to secure and win the first tender of 25,000 LED streetlights with CPS Energy to begin replacing the city’s existing high-pressure sodium streetlights with LED.   CPS Energy is the largest municipally owned electric and gas utility in the United States.  As part of the transaction, GreenStar Products agreed to move their production facilities to San Antonio, TX and become one of the city’s first New Energy Partners. In 2011, GreenStar Products moved production from its 10,000 sq.ft facility in Boerne, TX into a 25,000 sq. ft. facility in San Antonio, TX.

In 2014, Toshiba Lighting and Technology, a Japanese multinational conglomerate company, acquired GreenStar Products and began incorporating GreenStar’s street and roadway lighting into their portfolio of lighting solutions. Toshiba used its resources and financials to purchase state of the art testing equipment, hired additional engineers and expanded the R&D facilities in the GSRD India offices.  Toshiba continued to promote GreenStar products until 2016 when Toshiba began experiencing a massive global financial crisis. To appease stock-holders and tighten global finances, Toshiba decided to sell many of their subsidiary companies and GreenStar Products was listed as one of the companies that would be sold.  Paul Duran took the opportunity to reacquire the company he had founded and once again became the owner of GreenStar Products in April, 2016.


GreenStar – Built in the USA

Today, GreenStar Products continues to thrive and grow its presence in the Americas and beyond. In 2018, GreenStar Products moved into a brand new 75,000 sq. ft ISO 9001 facility. GreenStar prides itself on establishing long term partnerships with our suppliers with whom we require 100% traceability and certificates of conformance from all our OEM component manufacturers.

Equipped with state of the art testing equipment, GreenStar LEDs R&D facility provide full engineering analysis and testing prior to sending products to be certified by 3rd party accredited laboratories, such as ETL and UL. 100% of all product that is produced goes through a seven-point inspection. An electrical and mechanical inspection is performed on 100% of all product.  All product undergoes an 8 hour burn-in and electrical shock test before a final-pack inspection prior to shipment. Products are assembled to order, guaranteeing that the freshest components are used while providing extraordinary lead times.


GreenStar Products actively participates in organizations including ANSI/NEMA, ETL, Design Lights Consortium (DLC), Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) and conforms to Dark Sky Association standards.

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