Introducing the NEW! Galaxy-XD Series LED Fixture


Advanced Texas Instruments Driver Technology


NEW! Philips Luxeon Rebel ES LEDs


No Hassle 5 year Full Fixture Replacement Warranty, 8 year Available


Patented "Zero Air Gap" high thermal dissipation construction


Redundant Photocells


Separated Power-Supply


Fully Tested and Certified


High-Impact Optic Quality PMMA Lenses


Futuristic Design


Pulse Modulated Dimming


Mounting Versatility


Surge and Spike Protection


Smart Light Communications Coming Soon!

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The Galaxy is our main LED streetlight and has been in the market since 2010. It uses Luxeon Rebel ES high efficiency LEDs, intelligent photocell dimming, and a durable construction using aluminum body and stainless steel fasteners. The Galaxy is a pole or wall mounted fixture most commonly used for street and roadway, security, parking lots, billboards, and wall pack lighting applications. The GL series is offered with 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66 or 72 LEDs for differing levels of lumen output.

Philips LUXEON Rebel ES, ultra high efficiency LEDs
LUXEON® Rebel ES gives you the flexibility you need for designing luminaires and lamps. Tested and binned at 700 mA, confidently design LUXEON Rebel ES into high lumen applications or create more energy efficient devices using the same emitter. Luminaire manufacturers and designers count on LUXEON Rebel ES for quality, reliability and in-device performance.

Mounting versatility
The Galaxy can be ordered with an arm that adjusts from -90° to +90° providing the ability to mount to a pole or wall (patent pending) and meet photometric demand in many different applications. Another available arm tilts from -10° to 50° and includes a junction box with a terminal block.

High-impact optic quality PMMA lenses
We have the best available optical efficiency on the market, at approximately 95%, with beam pattern uniformity at >90%. Our lenses are extremely durable and vandal resistant, rated at 30+ years. They also boast high UV and temperature resistance (105°C/220°F), giving you optimum light output and a long product life.

Advanced driver technology
Our driver technology allows us to use less LEDs to get the same lumen output as our competitors, which directly translates to increased savings for you. The Texas instruments “system on a chip” solution is also the most efficient and longest lasting driver in the industry, rated at 90+%, giving you the peace of mind that your GreenStar fixture will shine for years to come. 

Back-up photocells
This feature addresses a common failure in traditional lighting. In the Galaxy series fixtures, if one light sensor fails, another takes its’ place. With this, comes the benefit of reliability and extended product life.

Separated power supply (patented)
This guarantees maximum heat dissipation for a longer fixture life.

Pulse modulating dimming
Saves more energy than other dimming methods by turning the light on and off at a high frequency, thus saving you more money.

“Zero Air Gap” high thermal dissipation construction (patented)
This gives the light superior heat dissipation for optimal LED life.

Modern futuristic design
Adds to the esthetics of your architecture or facility and gives onlookers assurance that you are committed to Green business practices.

ETL, CE, RoHS, NOM, meets IP65, IESNA requirements, Dark Sky Certified, Design Lights Consortium Listed, tested to meet LM-79 and LM-80 standards

No hassle 5 yr full fixture replacement warranty, 8 yr available
Gives you peace of mind knowing that GreenStar will stand behind its products.

Smart Light Communications in the near future
Remote communications, data recording and programmability make your lighting system more efficient and versatile.

Surge/Spike Protection
Protects against lighting and line surges, rated up to 10 KV. Optional Spike Buster available for systems with frequent fluctuations.

To view the specification sheet click on this link

Model GL18-xd GL24-xd GL30-XD GL36-XD GL42-XD GL48-XD GL54-XD GL60-XD GL66-XD GL72-XD
Number of LEDs 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72
Typical Lumens 3,285 4,180 5,325 6,450 7,500 8,550 9,600 10,650 11,775 12,825
Power Consumption (W) 45 60 68 82 96 109 123 137 150 164
HID Equivalent (W) 100 150 200 200 250 250 300 400 400 500

Ordering Codes:


AA- Number of LEDs
BB- CCT  41 for 4100K or 60 for 6000K
CC- Optics  2S for Type II Short, 2W for Type II Wide
V1 - Multivolt 90-300V
SA - Standard Arm
GR - Grey Color
Input Voltage 90-285 VAC standard / 400-500 VAC optional
Frequency Range 50/60Hz
Power Factor (PF) >0.95
Surge/Spike Protection 10 KV, MOVs and Arc Tubes
Total Harmonic Distortion (Thd) <10%
Forward Current 700mAmps
Light Source Philips Lumiled® LUXEON Rebel >60,000 hours
Color Temperature (°Kelvin) 4,100 K to 6,000 K
Custom Design Lens Source Ledil
Delivered Light Efficiency >90%
Beam Pattern Type II or Type II Wide
Light Delivery Rating Cutoff (Dark Sky certified)
Operating Temperature -40C to +50C; -40F to +122F
Certifications ETL (to UL standards), CE, RoHS, NOM, FIDE, meets IP65, IESNA, Dark Sky, Design Lights Consortium Listed
Dimensions 922 x 280 x 264 mm / 36.2 x 11 x 10.4 in
Weight 10.5 Kgs / 23.1 lbs
Casing Material Aluminum alloy
Lens Material High-impact optic quality PMMA
Mounting 1.25" to 3" Round Arm and Wall Mount standard



Galaxy Series fixtures from GreenStar raise the bar in the outdoor lighting industry by including a wealth of value added benefits. We have taken thorough care to make sure that our products are beautifully designed in regards to esthetics as well as functionality.